Who We Are

blackbyrd initiative
blackbyrd initiative

An Organization That Is In Service to Black Women 

blackbyrd initiative is a Black women’s collaborative that provides healing-centered programming and initiatives that support millennial Black women with the knowledge & tools necessary to actively dismantle White Supremacy culture and actualize liberation within their personal and professional lives.

blackbyrd initiative

Our Founder

Shanize Byrd, who also goes by “Byrd”, is a storyteller, creative and Black womanist . A native of Hollywood, FL, she studied psychology and public relations at the illustrious Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL.

She is a former educator, who taught middle school ELA and social studies in the New Orleans Public School System. Byrd transitioned out of the classroom to begin her career as a professional organizer, with Together Baton Rouge. In her role as the associate organizer, she worked on a high-stakes campaign that demanded major corporations to pay their fair share property taxes. Later, she became an organizational specialist with one of the largest labor unions in the United States, National Education Association.

Shanize is currently a consultant with a Black-owned & Black-led firm, Frontline Solutions, which specializes in advancing philanthropic, nonprofit, civc and coporate organizations through strategic planning and DEI practices.  She has a passion for developing informative and empowering spaces that activate individuals, to fight for the change they wish to seek.

“Since I was a young girl, I have had a passion for freedom fighting and sharing stories about my Black culture. For quite some time I have dreamt of a place, where I and other Black women could be nurtured, celebrated and liberated. When creating blackbyrd initiative, I was inspired by Nina Simone’s song “Blackbird.” The narrative resonates with me deeply because I know the pain of being marginalized, ignored, excluded and left to feel unworthy. This space is for us to shift that narrative. It is a sacred ground for Black women to release themselves from the grasp of their oppressors and audaciously claim their freedom.”

Our Vision

We envision a world where black women live independent and holistic lives; free from society’s oppressive white supremacy design.

Our Core Values

blackbyrd initiative


We enlighten black women to eliminate toxic beliefs and practices in their personal and professional lives.

blackbyrd initiative


We support black women who want to advance themselves as leaders in their businesses, organizations, and communities.

blackbyrd initiative


We energize black women to embrace the power within themselves.

blackbyrd initiative


We agitate black women to be bold and act against their fears.

blackbyrd initiative


We encourage black women to know and unapologetically be themselves.

blackbyrd initiative


We celebrate and uplift black women.

Contact Us

Our organization is dedicated to creating a communal space where black women can openly talk and affirm one another. Get in touch with us today to learn more.