What We Do

blackbyrd initiative

Intimate Support Communities

In our intimate support communities, we provide a unique experience in virtual and physical safe spaces for Black women to speak candidly about their personal experiences, comfort one another, and receive tools to implement in their personal and professional lives. We are intentional about identifying topics that are most relevant to our demographic of women. “Lingerie Conversation Series” is one of our popular ISCs, where women have the opportunity to discuss sexual liberation free from the White patriarchal design. There are two group sizes available for our discussions.


Large group discussions

These discussions are for those who are comfortable with sharing in a broad group.

Small group discussions

 We designed these discussions for participants, who prefer an even more “intimate” gathering space. There are up to 20 guests in each session.

Special Events

blackbyrd initiative LLC provides a range of events that are all things Black female empowerment.

Customized Experiences

Our customized experiences are for individuals who want to organize an intimate support community or special event with their own guests or organization. blackbyrd initiative LLC will work along with our client to develop their own personalized agenda, facilitate and/or hire specialists to properly execute the objective.